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Terrific Tirana

Tirana is rapidly transitioning into a true metropolitan due to an unprecedented cultural and economical growth. A flamboyant urban lifestyle combines surprisingly well with its rich history as can be found in the “Blloku” area. Albania has been a communistic stronghold for many years and ever since it opened up politically, travellers are welcomed with a great feeling of hospitality. In Tirana’s direct vicinity, fairytale-like landscapes will overwhelm you. Albania's gastronomy has roots in Italian, Turkish and Greek kitchens. Local beer breweries, vineyards and an astounding assortment of fresh products give color to fine-dining dishes. Tirana offers five-star accommodations for pleasant relaxation. Climate is fine all year around: pleasant in spring and autumn is, warm is summer and mild during winter.

Slow food

Get behind the wheel of a 4x4 for a journey of 3 hours to Fishte, a village in the mountains. Its worth the trip, a great lunch is served in a well-known slow food restaurant. Afterwards, start your engines and drive to a neighboring village for a mouthwatering wine tasting. Please decide beforehand who will be the designated driver back to your hotel. 

Party hard 

“Blloku”, once a closed residential area for the elite of the Communist Party, is now a hip and happening area. Feel the energy when you stroll through its vivid streets and visit the three best places for refreshing complementary drinks. Dance the night away.

That's how we roll

During the afternoon we reside in lovely countrysides. Local cooks show you how to make traditional dishes: Lamb on a spit and Byrek: a dough-based recipe dating back to the Ottoman empire. Who will cut the first piece of meat? 

Balancing your act

Lake Farka is just outside of Tirana. Stand up paddling is your mission. After a short introduction its time to get onto the paddle monster that can float up to 8 people. All you have to do is to stand up, paddle and have fun! Pick your team and enjoy a 2-3 hours trip with at least 2 stops in beautiful surroundings. 


After lunch you will be taken to the bar called “Komiteti” decorated in communist style with a feel of a museum. Everywhere you look dates back to this era. This is the only bar in Tirana offering over 20 types of different Albanian Raki (from all over Albania) of which we will try “only” 5, otherwise we cannot guarantee your state of mind.