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Terrific Tirana

Why Albania you might think? The country is a fantasy combination of the beautiful Ionian Greek beaches, dramatic Alp mountains, ruins of an undiscovered Turkey, a ferry ride on the lake similar to one in Norway, a delicious cuisine influenced by the Mediterranean kitchen all wrapped in the easy going nature characteristic of rural Italy. Albania is situated between Greece and Montenegro and sits about 70 kilometers of Italy. Tirana is situated in the middle of the country with a Mediterranean climate and is the ideal location for exploring Albania. Tirana is also known as the “colorful capital of Albania” and is a relatively new city, although antique moments and artefacts are discovers all around Tirana. The “Blloku” area is the place to be with its trendy bars, great restaurants, cozy pubs, cafes and nightclubs. The country characterizes itself by warm summers and mild winters. 

Learn how to sing

Albania has a lot of different traditions and one of them is iso-polyphonic singing. Have you ever wanted to learn to sing and impress your friends and family? Then spend one day with a group of singing masters and learn to combine the melodic, rhythmic and harmonic aspects of a musical composition.

Experience hospitality in a rural mountain village

What if you could go back in time and live with a family in the mountains of Albania? This area was known for following the 'kanun', a set of traditional laws in Albania. In this village you will stay with a family, cook with all of them and spend the day living like one of the villagers.

Dance till the early morning

Albania has an old history of traditional dances and all areas have their own ways. These dances are mostly danced on folklore festivals and weddings and everybody is part of it. Would you like to dance the 'Vallja e Kukesit' with the locals from the Northern part of Albania or do you prefer an easier dance like 'valle e Pogonishte'? You can dance the night away with all the different traditional dances from all parts of Albania; do you have enough energy to compete with the locals?

Fairytale, ferry ride

Take an unexpectedly beautiful 3 hour ferry ride along the Lake of Koman, once called 'one of the greatest boat trips of the world' and spend the night with the locals in the Accursed Mountains, also known as the Albanian Alps. The ride to the beginning of the ferry is an adventure on its own!

Undiscovered coastline

Enjoy a day like no other, spend the day on the unspoiled beaches of Southern Albania or take a local fisher boat to a beach where no car can get and enjoy a barbecue with views over the azure blue waters in front of you and dramatic mountains behind. You can also swim to explore a cave or walk along the dried up river.