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Olé San José

San José, capital of Costa Rica, has much more to offer than just busy traffic and undeniable concrete stuctures. Chepe (nickname of the city) is definitely worthwhile to explore. Discover the charmes of historical Barrio Escalante, where colonial town houses are turned into modern art galleries. Enjoy good food and great drinks in Kukara Makara. Get your inspiration in the gold, jade- and/or national museum. We definitely recommend you to visit the mercado central where you can eat great local food. Watch tico´s selling and buying their local products. Best travel period is December until May with the least chance of rain.

Turtle village

You can only reach the Amazone area of Costa Rica by boat or by plane. It is the home of over 300 different species of birds and 60 different mammals. The village Tortugero is situated on the edge of the national parc with the same name, which means turtle village. The beaches of Tortuguero are important breeding grounds for 3 different kinds of sea turtles. You can have an exclusive dinner here in a floating restaurant.


Olé San José

San José, hoofdstad van Costa Rica, met haar drukke verkeer en onmiskenbare betonstructuren heeft meer te bieden dan als eerste aanblik blijkt. Chepe (de lokale koosnaam van de stad) is zeker de moeite waard om nader te verkennen. Ontdek de charmes van de historische wijk Barrio Escalante, waar koloniale herenhuizen zijn omgetoverd tot hedendaagse kunstgalerijen met goed eten en drinken, zoals Kukara Makara. Of bezoek het goud-, jade- en/of nationaal museum. Een kijkje nemen in de de mercado central is zeker de moeite waard. Hier kan goed lokaal gegeten worden en men kan zien hoe de tico´s hun locale etenswaren tentoonstellen en kopen. Beste reisperiode is van december tot en met mei met de minste kans op regen.


Het Amazone gebied van Costa Rica is alleen per boot of per vliegtuig te bereiken. Meer dan 300 vogelsoorten en 60 soorten zoogdieren voelen zich hier thuis. Het dorp Tortugero is gelegen aan de rand van het gelijknamig nationaal park, hetgeen ´schildpaddorp´ betekent. De stranden van Tortuguero zijn belangrijke nestplekken voor een drietal met uitsterven bedreigde zeeschildpadden. Een exclusief diner op een drijvend restaurant behoort tot de mogelijkheden.


Easy New Orleans

New Orleans is the largest city in the state of Louisiana with 400.000 residents. The city is known as The Big Easy and visitors happily agree with that sentiment. Situated along the Mississippi, it is America’s most culturally diverse city. African, English, French, Spanish and other immigrants (as well as slaves) have influenced each other and added their flavor to the melting pot. The ambiance is relaxed and festive with plenty of music, drinks and food to be found everywhere. Above all, New Orleans is the ‘swinging’ city of blues and jazz. The summers are really warm en winters are mild. Best travelling time is between February and May, also because of the many festivals that are taken place.

Goin’ to the Mardi Gras

The most famous event in New Orleans is Mardi Gras; a carnaval that attracts thousands of visitors because of its music, the parade, the exuberant party on the streets and in the bars. For those who cannot attend the event, there is always Mardi Gras World; the studio where Mister Mardi Gras, Blaine Kern, designs and builds the floats for the parade. Visitors can witness the process up close.


Onwijs New Orleans

New Orleans is met bijna 400.000 inwoners de grootste stad in de zuidelijke staat Louisiana. De toepasselijke bijnaam van deze stad is The Big Easy en dat voel je ook als bezoeker. Gelegen aan de rivier de Mississippi is het Amerika’s meest multiculturele stad. Afrikaanse, Engelse, Franse, Spaanse en vele andere immigranten (en slaven) hebben elkaar beïnvloed en steeds iets nieuws aan de mengelmoes toegevoegd. De sfeer in de stad is relaxed en met muziek, een drankje en wat eten is het al gauw een prachtig feest. Bovenal is het de swingende stad van de blues en de jazz. De zomers zijn warm en de winters zijn mild. De beste reistijd ligt tussen februari en mei, het weer is dan aangenaam warm en de meeste festivals vinden dan plaats.

Goin’ to the Mardi Gras

Het bekendste feest van New Orleans is Mardi Gras; het carnaval dat duizenden bezoekers trekt vanwege de muziek, de enorme parade, het uitbundige feest op straat en in bars. Voor bezoekers die het feest moeten missen is er nog altijd Mardi Gras World; de studio waar Mister Mardi Gras, Blaine Kern, de praalwagens voor de parade ontwerpt en bouwt. Als bezoeker kunt u dit proces van dichtbij bewonderen.


Offerte aanvragen

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Viva Valencia

To many people, Valencia is still an unknown city in the Mediterranean. Located on the East coast of Spain with beautiful sandy beaches, Valencia is considered a hidden treasure that will pleasantly surprise you! The third city of Spain (after Madrid and Barcelona) with 800.000 inhabitants is famous for its pleasant climate, a cozy city centre with many centuries of true Spanish history and a spectacular state-of-the-art futuristic architecture. It is a year-round destination. But as for the months July and August; they can be hot (more than 30ºC).

Walking through gastronomic Valencia

A walking tour through the city centre visiting the main monuments and attractions will be combined with tastings at the Central Market, the largest market of Spain. Here you will find typical Spanish products like Iberian ham, cheese, olives and wine. The tour ends at a Spanish tavern for some tapas and pintos. 


Raw Glasgow

Glasgow is Scotland's second city. Glasgow has been named the number one UK destination “on the rise” by the world's largest travel site TripAdvisor. The city runs along the mighty river Clyde and from the 18th century Glasgow also grew as one of Britain's main hubs of trade with North America and the West Indies. This wealthy history developed a city of impressive architecture, amazing shops, theatres, museums and galleries for visitors. At the same time Glasgow is surprisingly green city with parks and picturesque routes to walk along the river. You can visit all year round, however the weather is best between May and October.

Take the Dear Green Place route

You will run through Glasgow’s elegant streets and zoom around the world-renowned Victorian and ‘Glasgow Style’ buildings, parks, museums and galleries along with environmental policies. You will face green challenges using public transport and by going on foot. Using a camera, passport and clan pack with pencils and scissors you will finally reach your goal.


Top grade of Belgrade

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and the largest city in the country. It is located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, where the Pannonian Plain meets the Balkans. Its name translates to White City. Serbia is considered a new destination with highly dynamic development as far as infrastructure and quality of services is concerned. With 1,7 million inhabitants (of which 40% is between 15 and 44 years of age), the city is vibrant, growing and ready for the future. The climate in Belgrade is dominated by the mountains, therefore it knows cool winters and pleasantly mild summers.

Island of challenges

There is one special place in Belgrade, Ada Ciganlija island, where the sport and nature admirers have found their paradise for adventure. Choose your favorite adventure out of paintball in the woods, breathtaking bungee jumping, aqua skiing on the Belgrade Sea or some thrilling rock climbing. Do you dare?


Authentic Athens

Athens, capital and largest city of Greece is one of the world's oldest cities. Imagine its recorded history is spanning more than 3,400 years. Classical Athens was a powerful city-state, a centre of art and philosophy, widely referred to as cradle of Western civilization and democracy. Imagine Plato and Aristotle walking around. Nowadays, the city is better looking than ever and offers great value for money. Modern progressive Athens invites you to enjoy life. Here you will experience the tradition, not the folklore. All year round Athens has very pleasant temperatures.

Urban graffiti tour

Athens long-lasting tradition in art and history stretches into the present in a most surprising way. Walking through the old streets of this vibrant city, there is hardly a road untouched by local street artists. Especially after the crisis, graffiti has become a source of inspiration and expression for the locals.